4″ & 6″ Submersible Motors

Description & Technical Specification

The Submersible Motors are eco friendly rewindable, water filled, wet type. The stator windings are of water proof PVC / Polymer winding insulation enclosed in stainless steel body. Dynamically balanced rotors maintains increased life cycle and uniform clearance in bearings resulting in minimized wear and tear. The high finish thrust bearings are of unique segmented design to withstand high axial thrust load and upthrust loads and lowest friction. The motor housings, upper housings and motor base of high grade, rugged cast iron and specially treated to withstand corrosion. Mechanical seal – SiC / TiC (Optional) prevents entry of abrasive sand particles inside the motor. A large pressure equalising diaphragm with inbuilt spring load ensure safe winding temperature at varied loads. The cable leads are connected & sealed with windings. Motors arrive 100% safely pre-filled with water. For frosty conditions, water with propylene glycol is filled for operating temperatures from – 15° C.

Range : 

4″ Submersible Motor – 1 HP – 3 HP (1 Ph, 220 / 240V), 1 HP – 5 HP (3 Ph, 415V, 50 Hz)

6″ Submersible Motor – 3 HP – 30 Hp (3 Ph, 415 V, 50 Hz)

Designed for 50 / 60 Hz operation.

Full SS 304 motors available on 4″ & 6″ on request.



4″ & 6″ Submersible Pumps


4″ Submersible Pumps are suitable for 100mm dia and above borewells. These Submersible Pumps are buid with engineering grade thermo plastic Noryl material housed on a stainless steel shell. The suction and discharge are graded cast iron of high quality. The pump shaft is of stainless steel grade. Full SS304 pumps are available on special request. Radial & Mixed Flow Versions Available.

6″ Submersible Pumps are suitable for 150mm dia and above borewells. The pumps are multi stage centrifugal design with stainless steel impellers and graded cast iron bowls. The pumps are dynamically balanced for noise free operation and long life. Radial and Mixed flow models are available. Full SS304 pumps are available on special request.

Application : Municipal Water Supply, Industrial Water Supply,  Agricultural Irrigation,  Sprinkler Irrigation,  Water Fountains,  Pressure Boosting,  Drip Irrigation

4” – Flow : 60 LPM to 400 LPM, Head : 30 mtrs to 350mtrs,

6” – Flow : 100 LPM to 900 LPM, Head : 30 mtrs to 350mtrs


ALL “RIDER” 4″, 6″ submersible pumpsets are capable of operating with Solar Panel Systems