Sewage Submersible Pump we offer is fitted with three types of impellers such as single vane, non-clog two channel and free flow channels that enhances its functional speed. The temperature sensors present in these pumps protect the pump from high heat. These pumps are used in various food processing units, subways, hotels and other industrial sectors. All these pumps are effective in  draining water and other impurities from the basement. Furthermore, the Sewage Submersible Pump we offer is leak proof, highly durable and easy to operate.

Other Details:

Submersible Pump for Sewage/ Waste water / Dewatering – Upto 9.5kw

Pumps are single stage, submersible centrifugal pumps of closed coupled construction. These are available with non-clog two channel impeller for two types of installations, namely transportable and stationary.


  •     Industrial sector
  •     Municipal sector
  •     Pumping of surface water, rain water, waste water containing solids
  •     Drainage of sumps liable to flooding
  •     Drainage of basements, underground bunkers, cable trenches in industries, hotels, etc
  •     Food processing
  •     Hotels, subways & airports
  •     Sewage works – Treatment plants


  •     Lateral cable entry to avoid transport and installation damages
  •     Sealed bearing on both sides, lubricated for life
  •     Dry, fully submersible perfectly sealed motor with temperature class F & S1 duty
  •     Temperature sensors prevent the motor winding from overheating
  •     Optimum hydraulic selection for sewage and effluent handling
  •     Automatic, bolt free connection leakage prevented by means of elastic seal
  •     Two bi-directional mechanical seals
  •     Special moisture sensor