Our products are manufactured to latest international standards with more emphasis on quality tests at every stage of manufacture.
As the name submersible pump, implies, it is designed to function with fully immersed water. The motor is squirrel cage induction motor would with special PVC/wrap insulated copper wire and is water cooled during operation. The motor is filled with water before insulation, coupled to pump and fitted through delivery pipes to the depth required.3 core flat cable is used and the size of the cable is determined by the HP and current capacity. The axial and thrust bearings are designed sand guard prevents entry of sand and foreign particles inside the motor.
The pump is a multistage centrifugal type with radial or semi axial designed impeller based on the yield of the borewell. The pump casing and impeller are designed to provide smooth flow of water with minimum friction with high operating efficiency. A suitable strainer is provided at the suction end of the pump to prevent entry of foreign particles.
The pumpset is suitable for pumping clear, cold fresh water with maximum permissible sand content of 50gms/cubic meter.More sand content cause premature failure or Motor and pump parts.
Check the direction of rotation as the pumpset will run in both direction. By interchanging any two phase of lead cable will guide you to verify higher discharge decides the correct direction.




RIDER submersible motors will give trouble free service, if they properly installed and maintained. Before going to install & operate the pump, the following points must be strictly followed:

• The pump must be used for clear, cold, fresh water application only.
• The motor is to filled with adequate quantity of cold drinking water before installation. Do not operate the pumpset under any circumstance before filling the motor with clear water. Even short trial run without water must be avoided as this will cause damage to the motor winding and parts of the pump.
• Do not run the motor in dry condition. The motor with pump always be fully submerged in water during operation.Keep minimum submergence of 2meter.
• Do not use the motor lead cable to lift or lower the pumpset.
• Before installing the motor with pump, ensure the diameter, depth of the borewell, depth up to water level and the yield of the well for safe working of the pumpset.
• Before starting the motor, check the incoming voltage is within the range. Otherwise do not start.
• Give proper insulation for cable joints and check the starter wiring connections.
• Unscrew 4 nuts from the studs provided on the top of the motor portion.
• Both the motor and pump shaft are coupled together with spline coupling provided along with the pumpset.
• Fix the 4 nuts on the motor studs and tight the nut on each stud and make sure that the alignment between the pump and motor portion is correct.
• Fit the strainer and cable guard on the bracket by means of screws provided.


  • Connect the bend to the suction flange of the pump and it should be in vertical position.
  • Fit the strainer (Provided with the Pumpset) at the entrance of the bend to prevent the entry of foreign particles.
  • Connect the delivery pipe to the delivery flange.
  • Tie rust free steel rope or quality nylon rope to the two eye bolts and lower the pumpset along with the delivery pipe.
  • Clamp the 3 core cable to the delivery pipe with cable clip set regular intervals.
  • Allow the pump to rest on the bottom or hanging and keep it horizontally.


  • Use Monobloc Pump only to pump out clear water.
  • Ensure proper elecrification using only quality electrical materials.Avoid using Lighting silk wire.
  • Use Teflon tapes and adhesives only, on plumping joints.
  • If you observe abnormal sounds in the motor (needs replacement of Bearings) or leakage of water between the pump and motor (needs replacement of seals) you may have to carry out the remedies mentioned by a  competent Pump/Motor service engineer.
  • For enhanced water output, plan the plumping work with minimum possible bends.

General Instructions


Check the insulation resistance of the coils and 3 core cables. Connect the terminal line of megger to cable lead end and the other lead to clear surface of delivery pipe. The reading on the megger should never be less than 5 mega ohm.


To check the continuity one lead from the megger to one phase and the other lead to another phase. In this way continuity of all the three combination of the leads ( i.e., RY, RB, BY ) to be verified for continuity.


1. Ensure that the power supply corresponds the specification given on the name plate.
2. Connect your pump to three phase supply with good quality copper wire. Proper size of cable should be used between power supply and motor terminals to minimize voltage drop and to carry the maximum current in the operating voltage range.
3. Wires and connection should be properly insulated.
4. Proper earthing should be made to reduce the risk of fatal electrical shock.
5. The three phase pumpset is connected to the supply through a starter. Upto 7.5 HP we can use the DOL (Direct On Line) starter. For higher HP models Star-Delta Starter shuld be used.
6. Connect the cable to suitable panel board having a contactor with overload relay of suitable capacity as per motor plate rating with phase failure production and an MCB.


• The pump should be used only for clear, cold, fresh water applications. The warranty does not cover the damages caused due to sand/silt particles in the water.
• The warranty is valid only when the warranty card duly filled and stamped by our Authorised Dealer is presented with the complaint.
• The warranty does not cover for the defects due to dry running, non water filling in motor and improper cable jointing.
• The warranty is not valid if the pumpset is serviced repaired, opened or tampered with by any unauthorized person.
• The warranty is subject to proper selection, installation, handling and maintenance by the buyer and does not cover any claim due to defects a rising from accidents, slteration, misuse, neglect, transit damage, substitution of original components with unauthorized components, fire, flood or any other natural calamities.
• The warranty is not covered, when the pump set has not been used in accordance with our installation operating and maintenance instruction given in this manual.
• We undertake to repair the pumpset free of cost within a period of 12 months from the date of purchase against defective material or workmanship.

This warranty is issued subject to the jurisdiction of Coimbatore Court.